• Make Holiday Time For Seniors Easier


    The holidays can be either wonderful or stressful with all the events, gatherings and gifts and extremely tough on those who are caring for a loved one dependent on them for many reasons. Below are just a few:

    1. Pressure. The added responsibilities the holidays bring can become too much.  Caregivers tend to overextend themselves this time of year.  Consider making or creating some presents, or not being as extravagant.  Cut down the list of those you send cards to or create a letter that can be copied and sent to everyone to create more time.  Make time just for you; this is the time of year you could need it the most.

    2. Emotions. This time of year brings enough emotions, but dealing with a family member in declining health can make the emotions harder to bear. The holidays come with their own set of expectations and as a caregiver, you may be wishing for happier times.  Enjoy the time you have with your loved one and be hopeful for the best in the coming year.  Try not to dwell on thinking this may be the last holiday season you could have with them.

    3. Homebound. If you are the Caregiver for someone who is homebound, you can still enjoy the holiday season.  Suggest a potluck holiday and have the family bring the cheer to you instead of carrying the stress of planning a big event.  Decorate as usual for the season, but change up some traditions to remove some of your stress.  Make things a little simpler; play board games or easy interactive games to celebrate.

    4. Give and get updates.  Having all the family together could be an opportunity to discuss the future health care plans of your loved one.  Use this time to discuss the possibilities of home care or any next steps the family feels may be needed.  Also, consider hiring a professional Caregiver for the season to alleviate stress on you and some of your family.  It could make the holiday one to remember.

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