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    We are a private duty seniors care agency and we’ll be there when you need us most. Our Angels will take care of the day to day tasks for your mother, father,  grandmother grandfather family member or friends.

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    Guardian Angel Care offers non-medical, in-home care to seniors and those recovering from illnesses, injuries or rehabilitating after a hospital stay. We help seniors remain independent in their own home by providing care when and where they need it most. Services can be provided by the hour (min 3hr shift) or day, as well as nights and weekends. Our caregivers assist seniors in the activities of daily living.

    This assistance comes in three forms:

    #1 Companionship & Respite Care: Transportation, errands, medication reminders

    #2 Homemaking and Light Housekeeping: Laundry, Cooking, Vacuuming, Washing dishes

    #3 Personal Care:Bathing & Hygiene, Grooming & Dressing, Mobility & Transferring

    Alzheimer’s Care: Every 72 seconds, a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. • The direct and indirect cost to care for Alzheimer’s patients in North America is $148 billion a year. (Alzheimer’s Assn) Guardian Angel Care understands the challenges and difficulty of caring for a loved one with dementia.

    That is why we assign trained professional caregivers who specialize in dementia training before they come to work for you.

    Assisted Living Care: 90% of all seniors want to remain in their own homes as they age. (CARP +AARP) Reliant Home Care provides the assisted living that seniors need right in their own home. From housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation to bathing and medication reminders, our caregivers can help.

    Companionship: Not every senior needs medical attention or personal care. Sometimes just having a compassionate, caring individual close by can be the difference of staying home or having to go into a nursing facility.

    We assign loving caregivers who can be there when you can’t.

    Errands/Transportation: Doctor appointments, prescription pick-ups, hair appointments, grocery shopping – like the rest of us, seniors have to get out and go places all the time. But it’s not always easy nor are seniors always able or willing to drive.

    Our caregivers can help schedule appointments, drive your loved one to an appointment, or run errands while your loved one remains at home.

    Laundry/Light Housekeeping: What a great relief to have someone wash the dishes, run the vacuum, make the beds and fold the laundry.

    Often this is all one needs to remain independent and not feel like a burden to the family. And it’s what we at Guardian Angel Care do best.

    Overnights/Weekends:Caregiver stress is one of the leading causes of low productivity in the workplace and it can be very unhealthy if not dealt with.

    If you’re a primary caregiver, it can make a world of difference in your life to have a night or weekend away from the constant care of a dependent. We  provides this respite and relief by having a caregiver available on weekends or overnight. You get to choose.

    Parkinson’s Care: Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that is chronic and progressive, meaning that symptoms continue and worsen over time.

    The cause is unknown, and although there is presently no cure, there are many treatment options such as medication and surgery to manage the symptoms. • For people with Parkinson’s, regular exercise or physical therapy is crucial for maintaining and improving mobility, flexibility, balance, range of motion and for warding off many of the disease’s secondary symptoms such as depression and constipation.

    Many people with Parkinson’s lose weight because of poor appetite and inadequate food intake. It is recommended to maintain a full diet that contains all the daily nutritional requirements, including extra fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber to help prevent constipation and plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.

    We can help with a daily exercise regime as well as preparing and serving nutritional meals that will aid in the well-being of a Parkinson’s patient.

    Personal Care: Most seniors can remain independent in their own homes if they can get assistance with personal care needs such as: bathing, dressing and grooming.

    We accept Veteran’s Affairs VIP Id cards for services