• Tips: Moving Seniors To A Home Or Your Home!

    Our parents have always been there for us; helping us move through a world of experiences, making mistakes, and learning along the way.   Now, it’s time for your parents to lean on you a little.

    When it’s time to make a choice about your elderly parents so they continue to have a great quality of life and their daily needs are met, good decisions need to be made.  The choice mainly is, should you hire reliable home care services so they can remain in their home or have your parents move in with you.

    Moving in Mom and Dad is a situation constantly being played out by adult children across Canada. It is a time of transition and adjustment for everyone.

    As an adult child, your life will drastically change once your parents move in.  You may be dealing with a higher volume so they can hear,  planning meals to handle dietary restrictions, managing everyone’s mood swings, and driving your parents around.  A primary caregiver who is handling a parent’s care may need to reduce their work hours to meet the demands at home, which can create a financial hurt as well.

    For your parents, their transition isn’t much easier.  Elderly parents are moving into a world unknown to them, while they are losing their own abilities mixed with the growing guilt of you having to take care of them.  They may feel shame and frustration over how many things you have to help them with and this creates embarrassment.

    One solution can be hiring a caregiver who can provide care and support when you are unable to be there.  They can build confidence in your parents and give them a continuing sense of independence they may be missing.   Whether it’s in their home or in yours, a caregiver can assist when you can’t.

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